CaptiveCapital is the only consultancy that specialises purely in ASX CEFs - specifically in escaping them and finding better alternatives!

It's a systematic process:

a. Demonstrate that the cons of CEFs are significant and the "pros" largely imagined or edge cases.

b. Prove all ASX CEFs eventually underperform the best alternate index funds or ETFs.

c. Expose the hidden leakages and pitfalls of trading CEF discounts.

d. Compile the case to force CEF windups or conversions where feasible.

e. Provide the best, low-cost alternatives (e.g. broad, low-cost, passive index ETFs).

f. Develop a firm understanding of investing wisdom principles to limit future errors.

If you currently invest/trade in ASX CEFs and should consider alternatives, are an activist fund targeting CEFs, or a CEF-windup retail vulture, there are obvious services you may be interested in paying for.

One way to gain an idea of the types of insights, expertise and services available is to read the Blog.

No personal financial advice is provided (see Disclaimer).